Cymatics Today

by Aluna Raphael

The following articles were published in Spirit of Ma'at: "Music of the Spheres" - Vol 3. October 2002. Used with permission. Copyright 2002 Spirit of Ma'at:

Cymatics is the science of how sound waves translate into physical patterns. The implication is that sound is formative. "In the beginning was the Word" (see The Metaphysics of Sound.

Please see A Brief History of Cymatics for Elizabeth Colorio Bauer's discussion of what has gone before in this incredibly fascinating science, and "Cymatics and the New Age of Miracles" in the March 2001 Spirit of Ma'at for information from Dr. Manners about some of the applications and exciting implications of this form of healing.

Below, Elizabeth Colorio Bauer, research director at CymatherapyTM International, talks about what is happening today in cymatics research and its application to healing.

Aluna : Let's talk about what modern cymatics research has shown about the relationship of sound/vibratory pattern and the state of wellness within our bodies?

Elizabeth: Human tissue in itself is an energy system. Impedance to energy flow within the tissue can be a predecessor to tissue dysfunction, and dysfunction in the tissues changes their vibratory resonant characteristics.

Certain precisely-specified frequencies, amplitudes, and waveforms are associated with healthy, electrically balanced (homeostatic) functioning of the body as a whole and of its various parts. Certain other frequencies, amplitudes, and waveforms either accompany unhealthy tissue or imbalanced disruptions or serve as early warning signals.

What does cymatics research show about the correlations with the auditory environment and wellness? Is someone who is being inundated by the automated din of an urban environment more likely to become unbalanced or unhealthy than a person who is surrounded by nature sounds in a rural environment?

Elizabeth: That seems to be the case, yes. The auditory environment that engulfs us during the course of our day does impact the balance of our innate resonant frequencies or vibratory response. Our bodies are able to tune in to healthy or unhealthy vibrations in our environment. Exposure to either good or bad frequencies impacts us physiologically as it does all matter.

As human beings, we attempt by nature to avoid noxious frequencies or vibrational patterns we consider harmful or "out of tune" with our own. Think of our instinctual reaction to the sound of a screeching siren, or even to a musical style we do not like. Notice that when the radio station is playing music that we do not like or consider annoying, we instinctually change it and "tune in" to one whose musical style we prefer or feel more comfortable with at the moment.

Cymatics confirms what we already feel—that certain auditory environments are harmful to our physiological balance.

Aluna: How is sound, or vibration, used for healing?

Elizabeth: The Einsteinian view of vibrational medicine is that human beings are a multidimensional organism composed of physical/cellular systems in dynamic interplay with complex regulatory energy fields.

Cymatic therapies, which belong to the field of vibrational medicine, target these energy fields, directing sound energy into the body to correct and restore the balance of the resonance frequencies within.

Aluna: How can sound tell us that we are healthy?

Elizabeth: There are literally hundreds of "signature vibrations" of healthy organs and tissues. Each commutation, or harmonious combination, of frequencies is supportive to the specific tissues it is designed to bring into resonant balance.

All of these signature vibrations are the inherent resonant frequencies of the tissue to be targeted in its optimal or healthiest state of wellness.

Aluna: How were these signature vibrations discovered?

Elizabeth: Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners's study of the frequencies of healthy tissue began in Germany many years ago. He and a team of researchers were able to detect and record the frequencies of tissue with the help of instrumentation designed to capture and record those frequencies.

In the 1950s, Professor Gaveau of the Sorbonne in Paris, Dr. Brunner from Germany, Dr. Harold S. Burr from Yale University, and Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Jenny were each involved in research into these phenomena. Dr. Manners collated the results of their work and developed a therapy based on cymatics.

As Dr. Manners has said, "Every part of the body—the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidney, the muscles, the bones, the nerves—possesses a harmonic. These harmonics are now tabulated. We know what they are, and they can be played back into the structure and the system."

It was Hans Jenny who first coined the term "cymatics." Dr. Manners named his work cymatics therapy and later CymatherapyTM out of his great regard for Jenny's contributions to the science of wave phenomena and vibration.

Aluna: Are signature vibrations universal? I understand that we each have a unique vibratory signature, so I have to wonder if the vibration for a ten-year-old girl's healthy liver would be the same as for an 80-year-old man's.

Elizabeth: The vibratory signatures for an individual human organ delivered by cymatic instrumentation are the same for that organ regardless of the age of the individual.

The cymatic instrument is designed to deliver to target organs or tissues the inherent frequencies or vibratory signature of optimal health, balance, and function. So yes, the commutation that we would use would be the same for a child as it would be for an adult.

Aluna: I understand that there are several ways in which Cymatherapy is applied practically, some of which utilize color along with sound. How does blending the frequencies of sound with the frequencies of light enhance this work?

Elizabeth: Color and sound are both forms of radiant energy. The energy of spectral colors or sounds will affect the energy pattern of tissue, stimulating that pattern and creating a new balance of energy in the tissue.

Interestingly enough, it is Albert Einstein, in his famous Photoelectric Law formulated in 1905, who has offered the most incisive and fundamental explanation thus far of the energy levels of spectral colors. In 1921, Einstein won the Nobel Prize for this principle.

Aluna: I note that the Mark VI, which has been the standard instrument in Cymatherapy, holds 390 computations of healing frequencies, but that you now have well over 800 computations, and a new instrument is due to be released in November. Can you speak to the gains in the technology of Cymatherapy in the not-too-distant future?

Elizabeth: There has been much technological advancement in computer instrumentation, circuitry, electronics, and data storage since the Mark VI's inception. The new instrument that we have developed is state-of-the-art in its electronic components and design, allowing for the capacity to store as many commutations as are necessary for the user's practice.

Dr. Manners is extremely excited about the new instrument's potential. We also are developing specific classes of instruments for practitioners in different levels of professional licensure and practice.

The hand-held applicator also has been redesigned. This new, patent-pending applicator has ergonomic features that will easily adjust to accommodate any part of the body and the addition of a static magnetic field that oscillates at the same frequency as the sound wave.

This new feature will enhance results. Oscillating magnetic fields have been proven through well-constructed medical studies to be effective in treating many physical problems.

So with the addition of the oscillating magnetic field, we are combining two of the most powerful natural healing agents in the field of bioresonance or vibrational medicine.

Aluna: Very exciting! Thank you Liz.

Elizabeth Colorio Bauer, R.N., C.E., is director of research, development and education at Cymatherapy International. As a registered nurse, she specialized in critical care medicine before becoming a seeker of greater knowledge and scientific truth in research. As a researcher, she has successfully integrated complementary medical practices into standard medical settings in the United States. She is registered with the World Health Organization as a doctor of cymatics and bioenergetic medicine.